Listed on: 31 Jan 2016 Reference number: RC14659
Now Available

Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1

Floor number: 8

    Room's detail 

    1. Completely new room size 32 sqaure meter 

    2. Located floor no. 8(1 bed room, 1 living room, 1 bath room, 1 kitchen room) 

    3. Standard funiture( Bed, Bed sheet, pillow, vanity, wardrobe, Sofa and Meal table) 

    4. Standard electric appliance(Refrigerator, Microwave, Smart TV, Air conditioner, Water heater) 

    Remarks : Refrigerator, Microwave, Smart TM, Water heater will install within 3 days after signed contract. 

    Security system 

    1. In - Out by key card

    2. Security guard 24 hours 

    3. CCTV 

    4. Fire escape 

    5. Portable fire extinguisher

    6. Car parking 

    7. Smoke detector 


    1. Near by Central shopping center around 5 minutes walk 

    2. Near by The barzaar shopping center around 2 - 3 minutes walk 

    3. Near by convenience store Seven-Eleven around 2 minutes walk 

    4. Near by Lotus shopping center around 5-10 minutes by passenger car or public transportation 

    5. Near by Big C shopping center around 10-15 minutes by passenger car or public transportation 

    6. Neay by Tukcom IT shopping center around 5 - 10 minutes by passenger car or public transportation 

    7. Near by Chonburi FC's stadium around 5-10 minutes by passenger car public transportation 

    8. Near by Sukhumvit road around 5 - 10 minutes walk 

    9. And near by others main poin in Chonburi 

    10. Easy to transport to Amata Nakorn, Bangkok, Bangsaen, Pattaya, Rayong 

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